Vuex4 Module to track your loading flags

Simple store module to keep your loading flags for async actions

Published on: 05-08-2021

Whenever you build a frontend application which calls backend apis and you also need to display the loading state you end up with multiple flags in your code to manage this.

For Vue there is already an awesome module ( vue-wait ) which makes this easier but I wanted something quite simple with no additional dependency.

If it's not clear this is highly insipired by vue-wait.

To keep it straight forward:

wait module:

export const wait = {
    namespaced: true,
    state() {
        return {
            queue: []
    mutations: {
        start(state, task) {
        end(state, task) {
            state.queue = state.queue.filter(item => item !== task);

how it mutation can be called from other modules:

 async loadData({commit}) {
    commit("wait/start", "load_data", { root: true });
    setTimeout(() => {
        commit("wait/end", "load_data", { root: true });
    }, 2000);

To get the data in your components:

const isLoading = computed(() => store.state.wait.queue.includes("load_data"));

... or we can have our custom utility function:

export const useWait = (task) => {
    const store = useStore();
    return computed(() => store.state.wait.queue.includes(task));

and use it like this:

import {useWait} from './store/wait';
const isLoading = useWait("load_data");

That's it.

Thank you for reading 😄

Andrei Terecoasa ©