Coolify - Deploying a reverse proxy to another host

Using nginx to deploy a reverse proxy on Coolify exposing a different host thorugh a subdomain managed by Coolify.

Published on: 25-06-2024

Do you have multiple VMs deployed on your home network?

Do you need to expose each through public domains?

You only have a single public IP and don't know how to route trafic depending on domain?

Do you want Coolify do be the entrypoint handling all the trafic?

If the answer is yes or there is any other reason you might think this help, here's a repo + docker image helping you deploy a reverse proxy with/in Coolify to expose an app on a different host.


Steps (roughly)

  1. Configure your new resource (public repository)
  2. In Configuration -> Environment Variables configure a new env variable PROXY_HOST and set its value the the host and port you want the reverse proxy to point to (eg:
  3. Make sure you Generate domain on the same page

And that's it. It should work. Feel free to fork the repo, suggest fixes, open issues, etc.



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