Coolify - Exposing services to the local network

How to access coolify deployed services on local network. Without a domain

Coolify - Deploying a reverse proxy to another host

Using nginx to deploy a reverse proxy on Coolify exposing a different host thorugh a subdomain managed by Coolify.

Umami + Portainer + Traefik = ❤️‍🔥

Hosting Umami with Portainer and Exposing with Traefik

Pinia - You might want to use setup stores

In Pinia you can define stores in two ways. Using the Options or Composition API. Depending how big your store can grow, you might want to go the Composition API way.

Gitlab CI Telegram Notifications

Better notifications for your pipeline with Telegram Bots

Firebase Web Notifications - How to set it up and receive notifications

How to register and receive notifications with Firebase. Repository and code examples. With ViteJS

Vuex4 Module to track your loading flags

Simple store module to keep your loading flags for async actions

Facebook Login on Android - What the key!?

If you opted for Play App Signing you need to generate your key hash based on the certificates generated by Google Play.

Hello World

Starting again my blog as a place where I want to share my thoughts and experiences.

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